UI Design

User Interface Design

    Java Swing

Our development team specialized in Java development in a variety of interfaces. Our main user interface is Swing which is a a GUI widget toolkit for Java.

Swing is a powerful user interface creation tool which allows a variety of designs. It provides a sophisticated toolkit across several platforms with a powerful and flexible set of application components.

Examples of our work with Swing include multi-platform designs in a number of different screen layouts.


We specialize in cross-platform designs, including Android app designs. Our Android applications use specialized layouts which work on a many devices from tablets to smart phones.

A prime example of our work can be seen in the Easy Survey Creator app. Its powerful graphical tools allow easy analysis of dozens of surveys simultaneously via bar and pie chart designs. We also implement in our layouts a variety of IO features including drop-down boxes, progress bars, and input dialogues.

Fullscreen UI designs

Windows 10 layouts

Android UI Design

Flexible Component Designs

Easy-to-use Interfaces