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Wilderness Adventure RPG

Nathan Software has created many simple Java Games. They are all licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. All the source code for these games is open source please contact the administrator for access to it.

All artwork is open source from The Battle For Wesnoth (

The Wilderness Adventure RPG

The Wilderness Adventure RPG is a randomly generated adventure game. In this game you are shown buttons which allow you to travel and take actions. Explore the countryside and search out settlements and treasures. Fight wild animals and worse… ! The aim of the game is to reach 10 Victory Points.

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Sourceforge Link

  Installer 1.0.1 August 7 2017 53.8 MB Standalone release version 1 (updated)  
  Java JAR 1.0 August 7 2017 10.5 MB Dependent on Java JRE installed