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Vengeance Update

We are proud to announce 3 exciting developments: a milestone for our project, a new update to Planet Bounce and the release of our first DLC.

    • MILESTONE 5000 Downloads
      Fist of all we are very excited to announce that we have surpassed 5000 downloads! Just 3 months having passed since Planet Bounce has come to Steam and all the support we have received has been massive.
    • UPDATE 5.2.1
      Second, we have just released Planet Bounce 5.2.1. We are happy to announce the release of Russian and Spanish translations (with German soon to come) along with that most of the changes you will see are UI and campaign balancing but a lot is happening in the background! (Stay tuned for new features soon!)
    • New DLC available
      Last, but definitely not least Planet Bounce has just released its first DLC. The Vengeance pack brings 3 new powerful warships to the galaxy. The Hiadran Runner is nothing short of a galactic battleship with long range weaponary that dominates in any circumstance. The Dread Streak is the fastest ship ever designed by the Fifth Armada and certainly something to be reckoned with. Lastly, the Saw Ship is a beastly ship, whose name really does tell the whole entire story.

We appreciate all you comments and thoughts and have endeavored to implement them in this update!

Download for free from Steam:


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