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Reign of the Lords

The Nathansoftware Reign of the Lords mod has been developed in conjunction with the wesnoth community since 2016, it has now reached over 30,000 downloads across platforms and releases. The Reign of the Lords mod is a free, open source add-on for the game the Battle for Wesnoth.

Reign of the Lords

The Reign of the Lords is a mod where you play as 9 factions of ultimate lords reigning over a division of Wesnoth – yet you are not satisfied. Fight as the greatest heroes, villains, and warriors in a battle to establish who truly is the Lord of wesnoth.

The Reign of the Lords add-on consists of over 300 level 4 and 5 units with new artwork, animations and portraits. This add-on now includes 3 eras Reign of the Lords, Reign of Heroes and Clash of the Lords for multiplayer combat as well as full integration with hundreds of singleplayer campaigns.


Add-on 9.2.6Mar 19 202118.1 MBFull add-on direct download
Add-on 9.2.7Feb 11 202118.3 MBBeta release for Wesnoth 1.15
Portraits 1.20Apr 13 201840.5 MB[Optional] add-on resource pack