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Planet Bounce Lunar Update 5.1

Thanks to all the feedback we have received, this update includes interface improvements and some changes to help make the game even more enjoyable.

We appreciate all you comments and thoughts and have endeavored to implement them in this update!

Key features of this update include:
  • Campaign difficulty

    This update brings greater flexibility in the difficulty settings of the campaign and AI. Easy is now notably easier and Hard likewise appropriate for advanced players.

  • Interface updates

    Small interface changes to the tutorial, menu and campaign which helps add clarity for first time players and make the customization more intuitive.

  • Player feedback

    Implementation of the player feedback, all suggestions that haven’t been massive features requests have been implemented and we are currently working on adding the larger features that have been recommended including a new Grand Finale scenario (and in the distant future online matchmaking).


Download for free from Steam:


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