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NZCSC Cyber Security Hackathon


The Nathansoftware team are proud to announce that we qualified for the national NZCSC Capture the Flag (CTF) event using tools including Wireshark, Burpsuite, Ghidra and more!

The NZCSC is a CTF hosted by CROW and sponsored by Deloitte along with many others. The challenge included topics such as cryptography, web security, steganography, reverse engineering, social engineering, and digital forensics.


  • Round 0 (Qualifier)
    • Stenography
    • Forensic Analysis
    • Web Vulnerability
    • Web Application Security
    • Advanced Web Vulnerability
    • Image Extraction
    • Buffer Overflow Exploitation
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Cryptography
    • Social Engineering

Full writeups are available on NZCSC’s website: here.

Example Wireshark packet analysis used to find unencrypted information stored in network packets.
Example hexeditor used to analyse file contents and find missing strings and incorrectly formatted files used in an attempt to masquerade.
Example Burpsuite packet capture, modification of cookies to login to a unsecured site.
Example use of Ghidra to reverse engineer the binary of a program.
CROW is a research group that focuses on six major themes: Provenance, User-Centricity, Visualisation, Economics, Hardware, and Tools & Datasets; to address the diminishing effectiveness of traditional cyber security approaches.
University of Waikato