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Lords reaches 40,000 downloads


Reign of the Lords

We are proud to announce 40,000 downloads! Now available on the most cutting edge version of The Battle for Wesnoth 1.17. Download from Steam or

The Reign of the Lords brings hundreds of unique and highly powered mythical warriors to combat in the lands of Irdya. This era has only been able to reach such an impressive milestone through the hardwork of our team and the community that has been following this add-on for what has now been 5 years!

"Reign of the Lords is now more than just a mod for this game... [we] spent over 6 years in the top 10 downloaded mods of all time. We hit the charts across 4 major release versions... now the team has expanded and we have other moders and graphic designers... [it has] been such a privilege being part of the community and shaping this game."
Backend Architect