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Glass Pane

Glass Pane – Image Displayer is an image collector, manipulator, and sorter. This image displayer is designed around a unique hovering glass pane style. Create collections of images that float around your desktop, sort them and integrate with your applications. This floating desktop experience creates a desktop on top of your desktop.

Use your creativity to design professional and artistic displays. Or maybe just create something enjoyable to stick around on your desktop with you.

Glass Pane – Image Displayer is a incredibly flexible tool designed for use by just about anyone! With limitless potential this has been used to create albums, presentations and even cheat in video games! (see more screenshots below)

Fully integrated with Power Point (.pptx) files so that you can directly load and modify other presentations you have made. This image integration allows cross platform compatibility and ensures you will never lose your designs.

The newest release of the Image Displayer also comes with the editing tools including cropping, resizing, proportional scaling and reflections. Along with this there is a built in layering system that allows you to create complicated designs and load images from the clipboard.

For decades user interfaces have been geared around ‘windows’. The future of UI design is holographic displays and the merging and seemless integration of layering. Glass Pane is taking the first step in making this future a reality. 

Many a doctrine is like a window pane. We see truth through it but it divides us from truth.
Khalil Gibran
Writer, poet, and visionary