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Devastator Release

Exactly one year since the release of Planet Bounce today’s DLC release brings even more new content and ships to conquer the galaxy with. Its been a great journey with our dev team and fan base and this new year, 2021, brings the exciting new Devastator pack.

We are really excited for you to have a look at the newest DLC with a long awaited 2 new ships and 3 new upgrades that really change the dynamics of your combat.

Two New Ships

The Infinity Caster – The Infinity Caster is the largest galactic battle cruiser ever built by the Northern skies armada. Originally deployed to fight the Menace in the last stages of the war, this cruiser has the armor and firepower to match a dozen light frigates. This ships size limits is maneuverability but it makes up for that by flooding the skies with laser photons that shield its forces and carve up the enemy fleets.

The Strike Coincider – The Strike Coincider is a warship that rivals any in the galaxy. It rains down destruction with pinpoint accuracy and power. Deployed alone it has the power to stop entire enemy assaults before they are in range to shoot. Meanwhile, fighting in battle divisions it acts as a flagship of sorts holding ground and giving its fleet a huge firepower advantage.

Three New Upgrades

Autoturret Upgrade – Equip a power cannon on the side of your ship which shoots automatically at enemies flying within range. Equip enough cannons and the enemy will not even see what hit them.

Portal Upgrade – Drop a portal down below your ship. Activate at any time to retreat through the portal disappearing when your enemy tries to attack and gaining a powerful tactical advantage.

Drone Upgrade – Release a drone out of your ship. This drone will guard your planets and bombard your enemies with firepower. This stationary command post can thwart enemy pushes and give you time to take planets.



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